Enhance your existing game monetization systems and give your players a better experience with an avant-garde recommendation system powered with AI

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Fair Partnership

You’re small to medium size developers:Matchable built a cutting edge infrastructure and will provide you expert insight and support, It’s a risk-sharing partnership where you retain the IP and control of your game.
You’re a publisher: we’ll help you maximise the long-term profitability of your portfolio of games.

Game Monetization Strategy

Recommendations have a definite impact on in-app purchases and mobile game revenue.
Our goal is to help you design recommendation systems so that as many players as possible can benefit from it and thereby enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.

LiveOps Delivery

We couple our long-time experience in player behavior analysis with Free-to-play operations to find new opportunities to grow and improve the game for:
- data capture requirements,
- test release and deployment processes,
- incorporation events and promotions with content and a game’s core loops.

Simple & Powerful

AI Powered recommendation System made simple

We used the AI-powered recommendation system to better position Live Operations content such as: rewards, hint incentives or discounts, for every individual player with dynamic gameloops.
On average after 21 days of A/B testing, the AI-driven system average basket is 21% higher than the human system, driving a sales increase of almost 36%.

Crafted by MATCHABLE
Matchable real-time personalization delivers the most engaging In-Game experience for players!

To accomplish this we’ve built an infrastructure which is able to identify individual players motivations, predict their near future behavior and adapt the game parameters accordingly.

Collection of in-game data, prediction of user action and game adaptation, all happen in real-time.
Our Mission

Gaming is not about entertainment, it's about learning!

Gaming is not about entertainment, it's about learning! It’s about successfully accomplishing a series of challenges, and for each the result of a learning experience. Matchable provides the proper hints and incentives at the right time to assist users along each learning curve from N00b up to Guru.

Olivier Steward
CO-founder and CEO of MATCHABLE
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